Eminent Enterprises


What began before years with a classic collection has grown into an
entire world, redefining Unique style.


Its unusually fresh and modern compared to other amenity products, stronger and more intense, That made eminent so popular, and it expressed a new sensibility. the most striking thing was the purity of the fragrance that produced exclusively with natural ingredients.


Eminent embodies an unique style of hotel amenities, evoking its origins and unmistakeable sophistication, exquisite craftsmanship and quality, Ever more desirable its a modern classic, remaining true to its priceless heritage.


It is an expression of exclusive unique style, Quality, creativity, elegance and exclusiveness are the values Underpinning eminent. The quality stems from rigorous selection of materials and prestige crafting. The creativity gives new forms to a timeless classic and the exclusiveness is what makes all eminent products unique in their celebration of the very essence of beauty.